Where to start a culinary career?

Some programs are associated with local high schools, where third- or final-year students can learn valuable skills, giving them a head start in a culinary degree or preparing them for entry-level jobs. You can start your career as a chef from the bottom and work your way up. Most of those who choose this option start in the kitchen as a dishwasher or coach. After you gain some experience working in the restaurant, you might be able to get a job as an assistant chef.

Your job will consist of cleaning, peeling, chopping and filling different foods quickly and accurately. Your next responsibility will consist of preparing soups, salads and other snacks. Next, you'll work as a cook and prepare food based on the type of food or the type of cooking, such as stir fry or grill. You know that the ambition to pursue a rewarding career in food is in you.

Attending culinary school is one of the best ways to start your journey. ICE is ready to help you find your culinary voice. In addition, the more people you interact with and impressions in the industry, the more connections you'll have to help you start or advance your career. Some are starting their careers, studying at ICE to become executive chefs and managers in the best restaurants in the country.

The most important of these are knife skills, which students begin to learn from the start of their studies. Although many chefs start their careers cooking at home and experimenting in the kitchen, chefs are trained in different culinary styles, types of ingredients and cooking techniques. Through hands-on learning and teacher guidance, culinary school can also help you begin to feel at home in a professional kitchen, develop your palate, and gain valuable confidence when working with knives and other industry standard tools. Time and again, ICE graduates tell us that their internship was fundamental to their career, as it provided them with invaluable networking and connection opportunities to help them start their careers, and many ICE internships translate into full-time job offers.

Putting your “foot in the door” in one of these organizations could be the start of the career you've dreamed of.

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