What are culinary careers?

The 5 best careers for culinary graduates: restaurant chef, personal chef, catering service, bakery and pastry chef, food service or restaurant manager. Culinary artists work with food as a medium to create art. They have practical experience in the culinary industry and can demonstrate their creativity by serving aesthetically pleasing dishes. These artists usually have extensive knowledge of the culinary arts and are trained in various cooking techniques.

Confectioners are highly skilled artisans who specialize in producing a multitude of delicious and varied baked goods. A pastry chef will bake, assemble, decorate and prepare a wide variety of desserts for both informal restaurants and high-end establishments. An oenologist is an expert who produces wine. They use various techniques and strategies to produce wines with very specific styles and flavors.

Winemakers must have extensive training in science, chemistry and other fields before they can create complicated recipes that can take several days or even months to complete. A cake decorator specializes in making cakes and pastries that can feature elaborate designs. A cake decorator can apply different techniques to add frosting, fruit, or flowers to the cake. Cakes made this way require specialized skills and tools, such as pastry bags, record player holders and wrappers instead of common baking molds.

Food stylists are professional artists who use their talents to make food look appetizing. They are hired by restaurants and media companies to design the dishes in a way that improves their appearance for print publication. Many food stylists come from advertising, graphic design and photography. A subchef is a chef who is responsible for the daily operations of an entire kitchen, such as creating and executing recipes, managing staff, ordering ingredients and preparing food for service.

The title is often abbreviated as sous chef or chef de partie. The sous chefs have been described as the second in command. The culinary career is traditionally associated with cooking, but chefs and cooks are not the only profession in the field. It is an increasingly diverse industry, with opportunities both in the traditional sphere (for example, and in that of chefs), such as restaurants, haute cuisine, franchises, hotels and many other food-related environments.

No matter where you find a job as a chef, culinary arts education provides the backbone of the knowledge and skills that will help you land your first position. The Honor Society of the American Culinary Federation, the American Academy of Chefs, is dedicated to supporting the educational and professional development of cooks.

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